Concrete Works

Marte.Marte Architects, Weiler, Austria

1. December 2009 - 12. January 2010

1. December 2009

Speaking at the opening:
Kristin Feireiss, Aedes Berlin
Wilhelm Pfeistlinger, Director, Austrian Cultural Center Berlin
Dirk De Meyer, Professor at Gent University


Aedes Cooperation Partners


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  • Wilhelm Pfeistlinger

  • Dirk De Meyer

  • Dirk De Meyer, Bernhard Marte, Stefan Marte

Aedes at Pfefferberg presents the first monographic exhibition of the Austrian firm Marte.Marte Architects. The projects of brothers Bernhard and Stefan Marte, distinguish themselves in their clear organisation, conceptual rigour and sculptural form. On many levels their buildings respond astoundingly well to historical context whilst providing convincing re-interpretations of existing structures, allowing their work to be read equally as vernacular and modern form-making. Besides timber, glass and rammed earth, concrete provides the central formal element in the architectonic of Marte.Marte. Integrated, energy optimised building technology is a matter of course but never self-serving, while light- and way-finding are central themes in their minimal, contextual, massive buildings.

Several competition wins and commendations have already secured the reputation of this young office. The Austrian state prize for industrial and commercial architecture was awarded to the SIE office and production tower at Millenniumpark in Lustenau. They have since been awarded several client prizes as well as diverse international awards. Austria’s largest school complex is under construction in Griesskirchen, whilst the Villach School for tourism is currently in planning. As well as working on the ‘Toleranzbethaus’ with attached diocesan museum in Fresach, Kärnten, they won the 2009 competition for the renovation and extension of the Austrian castle in Radolfzell at Lake Constance.

The recent publication of their work in “Marte.Marte Architects” has been awarded four book prizes: the Austrian state prize for book design; the silver medal for most beautiful book in the world in Leipzig; the European book prize in Athens and the DAM Architectural Book Award.

In their unique mode of architectonic form-making, Marte.Marte have developed an distinctive, individualistic signature, redefining local contexts, thereby generating both order and tension. Beneath it all are their subtle, spatial compositions, made visible and perceptible by use of light and materiality. This exhibition provides a representative glimpse into the complex work of Marte.Marte Architects, displaying the concepts, ideas, materials, both inside and outside, as well as the people behind the projects. This exhibition succeeds in many ways in creating a unique experience of space, form and emotion.  


An Aedes catalogue was published.
With a text by Dirk de Meyer
ISBN  978-3-937093-10-9
Price € 10,-


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