Change of Perspectives

Seven positions in contemporary architectural photography

Thursday, 10 March 2016, 6:30PM

11 March - 21 April 2016

Special Easter Opening hours:
Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon, March 25-28, 1PM-5PM

Speaking at the opening:
Dr. h.c. Kristin Feireiss,
Aedes Berlin
Prof. Dr. Falk Jaeger, architecture critic, Berlin
Beate Engelhorn, curator 

Aedes Architecture Forum
Christinenstr. 18-19
10119 Berlin

Opening Hours:
Tue-Fri 11AM-6:30PM
Sun-Mon 1PM-5PM


Aedes Cooperation Partners


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  • "Skate" Coyright: Achim Birnbaum

  • "Shift" Copyright: Pit Brunner

  • "National Museum Qatar" Copyright: HG Esch

  • "Villa von der Heydt" Copyright:Maximilian Meisse

  • "Danish Maritime Museum" Copyright: George Messaritakis

  • "Istanbul" Copyright: Klemens Ortmeyer

  • "Tegel" Copyright: Jürgen Pollak

  • Prof. Dr. Falk Jaeger, architecture critic, Berlin; Hans Georg Esch, Hennef; George Messaritakis, Athens/Berlin; Maximilian Meisse, Berlin; Pit Brunner, Winterthur; Klemens Ortmeyer, Hannover; Achim Birnbaum, Stuttgart and Jürgen Pollak, Stuttgart

Architectural photography is one of the most important media that we have today to record and document architectural structures, cities, and landscapes to share them with the wider public. Through its power, photography can convey the spatial dimensions, mood, or special moments of a place. Presentations and publications on cities and architectural spaces would be inconceivable without these images.

This exhibition offers a different perspective, from the other side of the camera lens, allowing a view inside the creative processes of seven photographers who have dedicated themselves to this broad field of spatial studies: Achim Birnbaum, Stuttgart; Pit Brunner, Winterthur; Hans Georg Esch, Hennef; Maximilian Meisse, Berlin; George Messaritakis, Athens/Berlin; Klemens Ortmeyer, Hannover; and Jürgen Pollak, Stuttgart.

The photographers use texts and images to explain their personal outlook on the pictorial expression of space, time, and context. Brought together in the exhibition, this survey of their work reveals their distinctive visual aesthetics and the differences among them. The selected images go beyond architectural documentation to highlight the authorial intentions and visions of diverse environments.  

Each of the participating photographers has developed an individual approach and philosophy over the course of his career. In their reflections of reality, they do more than merely depict it. While painters use a palette, photographic artists harness the interplay of light and shadow. Similar to painting, they reveal how they perceive the pictured spaces, buildings, and places through their unique visual language. The choice of location and viewpoint, the precise placement of the motif, its framing and arrangement, as well as the involvement of people, movement and environment – all this plays into each carefully composed spatial creation. 

The result of this creative process is an unmistakable visual language that has a decisive impact on the expression, and with it, our perception, of built space. 


We cordially thank the sponsors for the support of the exhibition